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Please collect Box Tops & Labels For Education. You will find them on many products you purchase such as cereals, tissues and Ziplocs. Our school earns about $1,000 in FREE CASH each year!

The class with the highest amount collected will get a special celebration at the end of the year!

Visit: and for more information.

Mt Horeb raised $471.70 in the 2017-2018 school year.

  • The winner is Mr. Guglielmino and Ms. Puhak's 5th grade class, raising $63!
  • Second place is Mrs. Haydu's second grade class, raising $60.90.
  • Third place is Mrs. Trump/Mrs. Gauvin's 5th grade class, raising $54.60.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Remember to keep collecting Box Tops our collection dates will be announced soon! It's free money for Mount Horeb school!


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